Hostmonster Hosting Review:

For individuals who are looking for a website which has been trusted by more than one million website users, Hostmonster should be checked. This hosting company is known to be superior and powerful. The said company offers various hosting like dedicated web hosting and VPS web hosting. Making use of their services can be a good idea especially today because they are offering discounts. Today, they give off $4.95 monthly for those who are to avail their service. This is of a limited time offer so taking advantage of the opportunity can be a great idea. Before, this price was $6.99. Included in the said hosting provider are unlimited space and bandwidth, host domains and email accounts. There are also free domains, cPanel, Google advertising offer, site builders, online stores, WordPress, gallery among others.

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Getting your business running can be very successful through virtual private server. This can be done just in seconds. If you are to sign up now, you will get 50% off. This is applicable for your first month.

More about Hostmonster Hosting Features
It does not matter whether the website intended is for a business or just an individual. Getting full functionality is possible with the help of this host solution.

Among the features are:-

• Web Hosting Space
• Host Domains
• Domain Name
• Drop Site Builder
• International Domain Names
• POP3/POP3 Secure Email Support
• IMAP/Secure IMAP Email Support
• Gigs of Site Transfer
• Forwarding Email Accounts
• Email Auto responder
• Add-on Domains
• Parked Domains
• Subdomains
• Additional FTP Accounts
• MySQL Databases
• PostgreSQL Databases
• IMAP/secure IMAP Email Support
• 3 Different Web Based Email Solutions

The above mentioned are just for the features which can be found in all accounts. There are also bonus features like Bulletin Board, Form-mail Script, Social Networking, Web Blogs, and WordPress, b2evolution, Mailing Lists, Image Galleries and Coppermine, Poll and Survey Software, Moodle, Drupal and Joomla, Project Management and a lot more. There are also e-Commerce features, multimedia features which are all coupled with world class technology.

Why trust Hostmonster?

There are so many reasons why Hostmonster should be trusted. This service provider is reliable. Reliability is crucial for individuals who want to make a good online presence. Hostmonster has a high quality system. This is the reason why maximizing a website can be made possible through this. There are many businesses out there using the service of this hosting provider. Hostmonster has been around for 1996. Getting high-powered service has always been possible in a reasonable price. Expect a lot of things from this service provider like highest customer service, quality equipment, maximum guaranteed uptime, high functional tools used for administration, set available, secure backups and solid and honest business practices.

Hostmonster is offering the most credible affiliate programs. For those who are to sign up with Hostmonster, they will be entitled for a $65.00 whenever they do referrals. This is done through online administration. This will enable you as a website owner to view click-through ratios on promotions, view payments, download personalized tracking code and track commission payouts.

Aside from offering the best service coming with a very reasonable price, Hostmonster is also known for superior customer service. Giving them a call just in case a need arises can be done in an instant. There is technical, sales and billing support that can be expected from them.

Dedicated Web Hosting:-

Dedicated Web Hosting is created with the used of cloud technology. This is the reason why they can provide affordable hosting which will enable users to save 50% most especially for their first month. There are different plans that you can choose from in this hosting. There is the standard, enhanced and premium plan. Standard starts at $74.99 during the first month of subscription. It will be $149.99 as the succeeding months go by. As for the enhanced plan, clients will be charged $99.99. This is $199.99 for the succeeding months. Lastly, premium is availed at $124.99. It will be $249.99 monthly.

VPS Web Hosting:-

Instant provisioning is made possible through VPS Web Hosting. They have the best managed services and even guaranteed server resources. There are various plans which can be chosen under this hosting. These plans are standard, enhanced, premium and ultimate. As for the standard plan, $14.99 will be charged during the first month. The regular pay will be $29.99. When it comes to enhanced, $29.99 will be charged. As for the next coming days, $59.99 will have to be paid. For the first month of the premium plan, $44.99 is expected to be prepared. This is the rate that has to be given but the regular price is $89.99 monthly. When it comes to the ultimate plan, $59.99 will need to be paid for the first month. Then it will be $119.99 monthly.

You can choose among the given plans depending upon the needs of your business. Assess it first in order for you to end up with the best plan. For most of the time, the given discount is based only on a one month subscription. There are times when a one-time discount can be applied like $15, $30, $45 or $60. This will be automatically included in an order. It does not matter whether one chooses from 1, 3, 6 or 12 month plan.

Why Choose Hostmonster?

There are many web hosting companies out there. Individuals might be asking why they should choose Hostmonster. Well, there are many reasons why. First is because they make use of cloud technology. This is the reason behind the many offers of Hostmonster. Apart from this, Hostmonster has an enhanced cPanel. This is what makes them above from their competition. Their root access is also something that should be checked on. This is good for those who are in need of more control. Guaranteed server resources can be expected too. This comes with high quality and performing servers. Instant provisioning can also be made possible. This can be achieved in just a couple of seconds. Then, multi -account management can also be seen. Managing many accounts is the goal in this.


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